Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aidan Update and Russell's recent Job Interview

Aidan is still having his "episodes" ("storms" as they call them in the medical community). The good thing is that he is calming himself down from them. As of this posting, the last bolus of sedative they gave him was 10:30 yesterday morning. They started him on a beta blocker (can't remember the name) and they are still considering the other drug should he have problems when they start taking him off the sedative.

The Dr. also talked to Erin while I was at my job interview and he suggested that we go ahead and get the tracheostomy and gastro tube into his done. Doing this would get him extubated and get the nasal gastro tube removed, which would then allow us to get him off sedation (soon), into a regular room (eventually), and (most important to us) finally hold him. Erin is giving the OK today, and once the ENT (ear/nose/throat Dr.) and surgeon coordinate the time, they'll get it done. This will most likely be in the next day or two.

I hear you ... "How did your job interview go?" you ask. Well, I wouldn't say it was so much an interview as it was the manager/supervisor explaining what my job responsibilities would be. He never really asked me any questions except to know if I had any questions.

Does this mean I got the job? Hard to say. I do know that when I was talking with my recruiter before my interview he had been pushing me really hard to the guy. I'll likely call the recruiter later today and follow-up with him. I did ask when I would start and the guy who interviewed me said it would definitely not be next Monday. He said it could take some time because of the various checks they are required to do before they officially hire someone.

Also, I have received all your feedback regarding networking connections for jobs. I will get to them all as quickly as possible.

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