Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And now, a personal setback ...

Just a week before the accident, Russell lost his previous contract job. The company he worked for felt they couldn't justify the need for his position, so the contract was pulled before the planned expiration. Since then, he's been on the job hunt. His recruiter for the previous position has been on the horn in an attempt to find a position, as well.

Last Thursday, he had an interview with a medical group (let's call them MedGroup1) for an IT position there. He was told he would hear something this Monday about it. He called several times Monday, but never got in touch with the HR rep. He finally called today and after she spoke with those who interviewed him, he was told they decided to go with someone who had lower salary requirements. He then found out from his recruiter (who called in to check up on Aidan) she was told by her connection for the company that they simply picked a candidate with better qualifications. So, which is it? Makes you wonder ..

Anyway, Russell is still on the job hunt. His recruiter put his resume through to another medical group, and he asked to be considered for another position in MedGroup1. Our friends in OK were right about the IT market here in NC ... it is pretty hard to find a permanent job out here right now. Perhaps it is just because it is the start of the new year. Who knows ...

Just add it to your prayer list that he finds a good job soon. If you are networked with anyone out here in NC (or even in SC or VA), pass along his name for a Help Desk, Support Analyst, Desktop Support, or similar position (even System or Network Administration). We'll be happy to forward you his resume so you can relay it to them.

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