Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good Morning! This morning's update is brought to you by BoJangles ... GottaWantaNeedaGettaHavea BoJangles!

Aidan's scheduled for a follow-up MRI sometime today. Once again, they have to coordinate with the anasthesiologists. The results will determine whether or not they can remove the breathing tube today. They let us know that there is the likelihood that the tube will be put back in after it is taken out ... it all depends on how he does once the tube is removed.

No e-cards today, as they only print them Monday-Friday.

Approximately 3:30PM will be exactly one week since Aidan drowned. Would love to have him extubated around that time and be breathing completely on his own. IMO, it would be sweet justice over the grave if that were to happen!

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