Sunday, February 17, 2008

How we are doing and some additional info ...

We are, for lack of a better term, coping ... or at least trying to do so. We keep the faith by thinking of him waking up and saying "Hey!" to me. It also helps in keeping us from seeing the image of our son in the water as well as how he looked when Russell turned him over that is now permanently burned into our soul.

Erin's mom's boyfriend (the "step-father-in-law") checked the pond temp this evening before he came to the hospital and told us it was 47 degrees. He said he measured it at a pretty good depth (when he put up his hands, it looked like 18-24 inches). The detective who took our statements about what happened (standard procedure when a child is involved in an accident) said he would check with his supervisor to see if he took a temp, as his supervisor was taking photos of the scene after Aidan was cleared out of there. The doctors said that anything under 50 is a good thing ... the lower the better.

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