Friday, February 29, 2008

Morning Update

I'm just about to go into Aidan's room this morning, but decided to post regardign what happened last night. The Guest Wireless Access was down last night, which is why I am updating now.

Aidan is still having the occassional episode/storm, but none have come anywhere close to how the really bad one was yesterday morning/afternoon. In general, he is calming himself down, but they did have to give a bolus of sedative last night when I was in there with him. They are putting shoes on his feet to prevent them from falling. They are also waiting for splints to come in to put on his hands/arms so his wrists won't be permanently turned inward. They have also started turning him every couple of hours to help loosen anything in his lungs, as well as prevent hot spots and bed sores from forming.

I finally got to see him open his eyes on his own last night. It was kinda like watching someone wake up from a nap, but he didn't really respond when I tried to make him notice me (me and the nurse would try to put a hand over one of his eyes neither the other eye nor his head moved in response). Erin said he did this when she was in there, but she was able to get a response from him. Maybe he just wasn't as sedated previously.

At this time, the tracheostomy is scheduled for Monday. IMO, this is far later than it should be, but apparently this was the earliest the surgeon and the ENT Dr. could coordinate a time. This means watching him have these episodes over the weekend (ugh!) and hoping he doesn't have another really bad one. The nurse says that as long as they are able to get him successfully sedated, they have no reason to do the trach yet as an emergency procedure. Whatever. Here's an idea: How about sedating him as soon as his pulse gets over 180, not 3 hours later when it is over 200?!?!?!

Anyway, there is a meeting scheduled for 2PM this afternoon with all the Drs. and nurses so we can get all of our questions answered. I am going to try to record the session using my cell phone so I can thoroughly document the proceedings later in this blog.

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