Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some good news, a setback, and many thanks

Dr. Black met with us again this morning. He told us he had good news and a setback:

Good News: Aidan is now off the Epinepherine and the Dopamine continues to be eased off (down to 6 from 20). They are also easing off the Versed (sedative -- now at 0.04 from 0.20). The MRI is scheduled for this afternoon so they can coordinate with the anesthesiologist (required since he is on a ventilator). Brain activity is still good (per previous posts, EEG from yesterday looked better from the previous one; no difference in the 2 CT Scans that have been run thus far).

Setback: His great job at breathing has been set back partially. They discovered there is some fluid outside of his lung on his right side, which is creating additional pressure and not allowing his lungs to function as well as before. Dr. Black has talked with the pediatric surgeon and is getting a chest tube put into his right side so the fluid can be drained off his lungs. They also got more information about the pneumonia. They got back the labs and discovered he has a strain of strep pneumonia as well as another bacteria. Aidan is now on two very aggressive antibiotics for those to go along with the inital broad-spectrum antibiotic. The one for strep pneumonia is designed to handle more drug-resistant strains. Dr. Black said that this is a precautionary measure; Aidan does not necessarily have that particular strain. Unfortunately, this setback has tenatively pushed back the day to take Aidan off the ventilator to this weekend.

Many Thanks! I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent Get Well Cards. I just had the link posted yesterday afternoon and there was a stack of 34 cards waiting for us in Aidan's room this morning. Again, thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.

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