Saturday, February 23, 2008

Three baby steps forward ...

And two GIANT steps back! AUGH!

The MRI came back and apparently it looked good enough to justify extebating Aidan. They did that at 3:15 PM Eastern.

About 30 minutes later, Erin and I go back to see Aidan. His breathing was "rattled" (i.e., lots of noise from secretions) and his vitals were sky-high. We tried to comfort him, but it didn't work. The nurses also gave him Ropinol to help dry up those secretions. Even after several coughs, he was still bad. Dr. Black assessed him and determined it was best to re-intebate him. This was after 2 hours.

Fast forward 30 minutes again. My brother-in-law and I went back to see Aidan and he was no better: vitals still sky-high and respiration still high. Matt (the brother-in-law) left immediately. I stuck around and watched him as he continued to struggle. The nurse came in and informed me that a baby a couple of rooms down ws going south, so they were working on him at that moment. I stuck around a little longer then came back to the room. Erin then proceeded to tell me that she was taking Evan to urgent care. Throw in that she also isn't feeling well, and suddenly a potentially great weekend has turned to excrement coming from the sphincter of a male bovine.

Frankly, i am upset and stressed. I'm not sure, and I may be on the verge of my own major meltdown. It seems like all the effort and progress that we just experienced has fallen to the wayside.

I have decided that after this post, I'm taking a break. Aidan is still on the ventilator and no tests are currently scheduled for the weekend. I will not be responding to any emails, nor will I read or make any posts on message boards. If you call me, I will most likely not answer unless you are immediate family. Even then, you'll have to catch me in the right mood. Come Monday or Tuesday, I will post again. I at least owe you an update when something happens out here.

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