Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today, they tried again to back off Aidan's sedation. Erin said that he opened his eyes and even squeezed her and Mamaw Sinclair's hands. Unfortunately, he started getting agitated and ended up having several "episodes" before they decided to put him back on sedation.

We met with Dr. Cacerras (sorry, spelled his name wrong earlier) and asked him about the episodes. He said these were caused by his brain trying to wake up. More specifically, his autonomic nervous system was firing off and causing what equates to a sensory overload. He said that he has seen episodes like this before, but usually in older children rather than toddlers.

At this point, Dr. Cacerras is researching a drug to use the next time they start weaning the sedation that will help subside these episodes. The tentative date for this is later this week at the earliest, but could be as late as the end of next week. A lot depends on his response. Obviously, this is a very slow process.

On the rehab front, they have started to bring in occupational therapists to work on Aidan's arms/legs/feet/hands. They asked us to bring tennis shoes to put on his feet so they will not drop. Also, our social worker is looking into the rehab centers for us, though we have done a little research on some ourselves and we have also had recommendations for other centers (Memphis and OKC) from some of our friends.

My phone interview went well today. I will know about a second interview by the end of the week. I also got a call a little while ago for a face-to-face interview tomorrow at 2:30PM. This position is a short-term contract, but could run longer. Also, the pay is presumably better than I made at my last job ... a lot better. We'll see how that goes tomorrow.

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