Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A true sign that God has been in control from the beginning ...

This happened Saturday, but I really feel I need to post it here.

On Saturday, when all hell was breaking loose and it seemed everything was crashing down around us, we got some information that was absolutely mind-boggling.

While in the family waiting room at the ER, we were met by one of the paramedics from the scene and the head of communications for Cabarrus County EMS. These two are father and daughter, as well as friends of Erin's from way back. They did not realize, however, that Erin was at the scene or, for that matter, that Aidan was her child.

While the daughter was helping me and the rest of the clan in comforting Erin (granted, I was needing quite a bit of comforting myself), the father informed us that at the time the call came in, there were no less than, listen to this ...


... first responders (paramedics, fire fighters, and EMTs) within 2 miles of the area, and only because of a funeral at that time for a volunteer fire fighter who was killed in a car accident. To help put this in perspective, I know of only two volunteer fire departments within 7 miles of where the accident occurred. Volunteer fire departments typically have only one person on-site on a rotational basis.

We don't understand why this happened and likely never will, but we are glad God has put things in place the way he did to ensure Aidan will be able to recover from this horrible tragedy.


Yvonne said...

I just know that your story and Aidan's journey brings lots of comfort.

Yvonne said... us. It helps us to see what is awaiting us. Thank you for posting. You bring us strength.

Yvonne said...

God had it all planned out. Your sons life was meant to be.

Yvonne said...

There is no surprises to God. Only for us. We are to just be content with His Will and not Ours.