Sunday, February 17, 2008

We got the results from the CAT Scan and everything is normal according to the neurologist. Also, he ran a test where he put ice water in Aidan's ears. What should happen is his eyes should dart to that ear. He successfully looked to the right, but did not really respond to the left. The neurologist thought this could be due to not putting enough water in his left ear, or the fact that he is sedated more heavily.

As for the seizures, they are still happening, but not as frequently or as heavily. This could be due to the increased anti-convulsive medications, the deeper state of sedation, or both. They also asked for an accurate temperature reading of the pond water. This will help establish how much help the cold may serve towards his recovery.

There will be another EEG tomorrow as well as an MRI. Again, the next 48-72 hours will be crucial to his recovery.

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