Sunday, February 17, 2008

We just finished speaking with the neurologist. They did an EEG to test Aidan's brain function. It is looking good. There is activity and it looks hopeful. Since this morning around 1AM he's been having seizures due to brain swelling.

The next 2 days are going to be the most critical with brain swelling. They are taking him for a CAT scan this afternoon and will do an MRI tomorrow as well as more EEGs to continue to check for further brain activity.

All of the doctors have told us is that it's a good thing that the water was so cold (about 40 degrees) and his body was so cold. In children the response to hypothermia is much quicker and can work to his benefit.

This is definitely trying on our faith and we are trying hard to stay strong for Aidan and our 7 month old as well, but it is hard. We am asking for any and all prayers that our little boy comes back to us.

We appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers thus far, and they've been working, just keep them coming. Aidan can use all the angels he can get right now.

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