Sunday, March 9, 2008

Aidan had a good night last night. Russell and I left the hospital and went out to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. We actually ran into our social worker, Betsy, there. We came back to the hospital and sat with him for a few hours. Russell read a few chapters of Narnia to him and he was calm the entire time.

We went ahead and went home for the night and got back to the hospital early this afternoon (the time change really messes me up). The nurse said that Aidan had just calmed down from having a pretty bad storm that lasted about 2 hours. She said that the doctors had decided to adjust his medications a little more. I think he had one other storm during the night, but I don't think it was very bad.

On a good note, his nurse said that this morning when she and another nurse were moving and changing Aidan he had his eyes open and she felt like he was actually looking at her, she started talking to him and said 'hey, Aidan.' and he smiled at her. The other nurse saw it too. He even smiled at Russell this afternoon. I haven't seen it myself, yet.

He's had several storms today, and they've started him on another medication, bromocryptine. I'm not exactly sure what it does specifically, but it works in conjunction with the other meds to help control the storming.

The neurologist came in to check him and he said that he thinks Aidan is getting better. His last EEG show more brain activity and he's wanting to get another MRI done later in the week.

Aidan is scheduled to go down into surgery at 7:30 in the morning. That may change if they have outpatient surgeries.

I'll post more later.


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