Sunday, March 23, 2008

Aidan had an okay day today. He slept pretty peacefully from about midnight to 6am, and then he had some storms. Russell and I stayed at the hospital, but went to church this morning. We went in to see him before we left and I helped the nurse change his diaper. He had been pretty calm before he had the dirty diaper. For about 4 hours he was pretty upset and they ended up giving him some extra clonidine to help calm him down, and he settled down for a while.

Aidan got a LOT of Easter baskets today. He's got about 5 I think. I left the hospital and brought Evan home a few hours ago and when I left Aidan was asleep. I'm sure he'll be awake a good part of the night/early morning because he fell asleep around 6pm or so. I just hope he stays calm.

When he's awake he is calm for a while, he'll look around and all, but then he starts crying and that's usually when he gets himself into a storm.

I'd love to just sit and hold him and make everything all better, but holding him doesn't always help, it makes it worse sometimes.

We contacted a lady who practices healing touch yesterday. It's a very interesting practice. I'm not sure how to describe it, other than it is similar to Reiki, and is an energy type of healing... it can be done from a distance or through physical touch. This lady connected with Aidan's spirit from a distance this morning and she emailed us a 'transcript'. It is in Russell's Live Journal blog if you'd like to read it.

I know that some people might not believe in this sort of thing, but I firmly believe that energy healing is effective. I've not tried this or Reiki personally, but I have done acupuncture and it helped me. We're willing to try anything and everything to help Aidan. This certainly isn't going to hurt him since the person doesn't even have to be there or if they are, all they do is gently touch him. If anything a nice person is there comforting him with their touch.

I just got Evan down for the night a little while ago and he's fighting sleep really badly now. He was crying and standing up in the crib when I went to check on him. I settled him back down and handed him 'Bubba's' (how we refer to Aidan instead of 'brother') Bedtime Care Bear. He immediately wrapped his arms around it and fell asleep rubbing it's hair. It's bittersweet. You don't think about a 9 month old really being able to understand or really realize that someone is not here but he does. He knows that Aidan is not at home and that things are different and I know he misses him. Especially the 7am wake up call when Aidan would climb in the crib with him.

Please continue to pray for Aidan. Pray for the storms to calm and for his brain to continue to heal and rewire itself so that the storms can end. We're making baby steps, but I have a feeling that once these storms are gone, we'll see a lot more progress in Aidan.

We love you all!

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