Sunday, March 23, 2008

Alternative Therapies Starting

As Erin stated in a previous post, we have been looking for various forms of alternative medicine to use on Aidan before, during, and after rehab. She found information on a therapy called Healing Touch. This and Reiki are both forms of energy therapy. After doing a search, we found a couple in the area and contacted them for more information. One lady emailed us back and then spoke with me Saturday. She said she would attempt to connect with Aidan's spirit within 24 hours, as well as relay our information to some therapists in our area that have a little more availability at this time. We are waiting for calls back from those individuals.

For those who are wondering, the lady I spoke with has a background in religion and is a Christian. She believes that what she does is no different from when Jesus laid hands on the ill. This site helps explain the connection between Christianity and Reiki and helps answer questions you may have. Also, Erin and I have a couple of friends who practice Reiki in Oklahoma; both are master level practitioners and have been performing distance healing.

In the meantime, she did make that connection with Aidan this morning and called to talk to us about it. She also emailed the text from the connection she made. That follows below. Aidan's response is in italics.

Precious Aidan, so many people are praying for you, your mother, your father, and your brother Evan. I hope you feel the love and light that surrounds you and reminds you of your forever connection with God.

A month ago you fell into a pond. You got water in your lungs and your brain did not get oxygen for a long time. All this caused your brain and body to forget its natural human abilities.

Your spirit is beautiful, Aidan. It still needs your physical body in order to be here on earth. You used to run and play as most two-year-old humans do. Right now your body cannot do that. Your brain needs to heal in order for your body to enjoy the freedom and abilities it is used to.

Your mid-brain has some dead tissue in it and your cortex is partially atrophic. This means those parts of your brain are not getting normal messages to your body. Your motor skills are compromised and your body is tense and rigid. That is why you are in the hospital attached to tubes and machines. That is why the doctors and nurses are giving you medication and doing all they know to help you heal.

Know that you have touched the lives of everyone in the hospital, Aidan. So many people know you and are praying for you.

Momma and Daddy, please do not blame yourself or anyone else for my falling into the water. I know you are heartbroken and have re-lived my tragic accident time and time again. Please turn those thoughts loose. Reliving my accident does not help any of us. Help me erase those images. Help me relax in the loving arms of God.

I love you dearly and I want to see you smile again. It must be hard to see me like I am right now but I still need you to smile at me.

I wish I could crawl up in your lap and be your healthy baby boy again. I am glad Evan has you to hold him and love him. I love him also and want him to remain healthy. I believe Evan is a wise soul. He is here to watch over us in many ways, although he needs you to care for him right now. Tell him his big brother misses him and loves him dearly.

Thank you for getting so many people to work with me, Momma and Daddy. I will accept everything they share with me and I will touch their lives gently and lovingly. I know my healing is part of everyone else’s healing so we all work on this together.

Aidan, every cell in your body contains complete memory of everything that has ever happened to you. Please give your body permission to release everything you no longer need. Thank your precious physical body for releasing the trauma of your drowning and all the negative disoriented energy that settled in your mid-brain and cortex.

We believe in miracles, Aidan. We believe your body can regenerate itself. We believe your mid-brain can release the damaged tissue and rebuild its circuitry. Just like the computer work that your dad does. A computer will not work well or at all if it is not plugged in. It will not work right if some of its circuits, some of its components are not connected properly. That is what is going on with your brain. It lost its life source and needs to be plugged in again. This is how we do that.

Aidan, remember how you were before you came to earth as Aidan Wright. Feel how light and perfect you were simply being in spirit, being with God and all the angels. That is the life force that can feed you now, that can reverse your traumatic brain injury.

God created this earth and all creation and made it part of His song. He will help you remember your unique song, Aidan. He will help you be within the creative, loving rhythm once again.

Listen to the heavenly music as it plays within your being. Feel its vibration and accept its healing energy. Let a rainbow of healing energy envelope you and comfort you while your body heals.

Your mother and father want to hold you and play with you again. Even though you cannot be on their laps like before, you can still feel them holding you and loving you. You WILL be able to sit in their laps again. Hold on to that truth.

Aidan, no matter what happens to your physical body, you are always and forever connected to God. His loving spirit is with you always just as your parents’ love is with you always.

Imagine God’s loving, healing hands being on your forehead and the top of your head. Feel his miraculous energy connecting with and recharging your brow and crown energy centers. Keep your mind and your heart open to all the healing powers of creation.

Much beauty surrounds you and mirrors to you your own precious loving beauty. See yourself whole and healthy. See yourself as the beautiful spiritual being you are enraptured by all the healing love that comes to you from your parents, your brother, your family and friends, and from millions of people who know you only through their prayers and thoughts.

Know that your doggies miss you, Aidan. Feel their tongues licking your face and drying your tears. Let your doggies lie down with you and ground the healing energies that come to you. They want to help you so let them gather everything they can to bring to you spiritually to help you heal.

Bear, Paco, and Max [our dogs ... she asked for names of any pets living at the home]: Aidan is in the hospital right now. He is hurt and needs you to understand why he is not home. He loves you and wants to play with you again.

We will do everything we can to help Aidan heal. We will be calm and peaceful and send that peace to you, precious Aidan. We love you dearly and hope you relax and feel the healing energy of our love.

Nurses, doctors, friends, and loved ones, thank you for helping Aidan. Thank you for allowing him to touch your lives and thank you for seeing his beauty and courage. Thank you for being part of his healing.

With love……………

I share this with everyone here because you are friends and/or family who have been keeping up with Aidan though this site. You have just as much an impact on Aidan's healing as we have here. We ask that you keep up with your prayers, but also ask Aidan to do what work he needs to do. Once you have asked, never ask again; begin thanking him for allowing his body to let go of the trauma done to his body and brain. Also, if you feel any guilt regarding the accident or continually replay the incident in your mind ... let it go. It does not help Aidan to keep putting him in that place continuously. I myself still work with this, even though I have forgiven myself for what happened.

As for myself and Erin, we may start looking into training in at least the first two levels of Reiki so we will be able to administer it to Aidan ourselves. We may also seek training in Healing Touch. Again, we appreciate everything everyone has done for us so far. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, but right now it looks more like the sun from the perspective of Pluto:


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