Sunday, March 30, 2008

A good night

Aidan had a really good night after we got his Clonidine patches replaced. It's amazing the difference. Now we're going to have to see about getting the Propanylol removed since it isn't necessary now that we figured out what the problem is.

I think the reason they didn't notice the patches on Aidan's arms is because we've kept him in clothes. The patches were dated when they were put on. With all of the medication that he is on to suppress his blood pressure and all his heart rate dropped into the 70's last night causing some concern to us. But he was OUT. The poor child hadn't slept for more than a couple of hours Friday night and had only taken a few cat-naps during the day.

Other than that bit of info, there isn't anything new to add. He is sleeping right now, so we're leaving him alone to rest. I think Nana is coming to visit today and then I'm going home to get Evan. I miss him. We've got to figure out our schedule for the rest of the time while we're here.

Please keep praying for Aidan.



Lisa said...

I think about you all and pray for you every day! Continued strength...

~Lisa Magnuson/

Luke's Mom said...

I just found your site from the PONDS site. I sat here for the last two hours reading all the posts you've made since the accident.
I have been down the same road you are traveling. My son had a drowning accident 3 1/2 years ago. I can so relate to much of what you've experienced. I am a good friend of Tiffany, Abbie's Mom and I've also e-mailed both Samuel's mom and Caleb's Mom. It is so good to have a network of people that are like minded.
Luke has tried lots of alternative treatments, HBOT, massage, Chriropratic, Rolfing massage, lot's of supplements and the SCENAR machine. But the most important thing we've done is PRAY.
Luke has a blog and has had faithful people praying for his complete recovery all along the way.
I will add Aidan to Luke's Prayer links on the side of his blog, if that is o.k.?
If you ever need anyone to talk to just call just e-mail me at, and I will give you a call or you can call me. I live in Lakewood, WA.
Most importantly I will keep Aidan along with the rest of your family in my daily prayers.

Love in Christ,
Sue Searles