Thursday, March 20, 2008

More small victories

Another few baby steps that for some reason I've failed to mention. Aidan has been swallowing. To me that's a big thing. It means he's able to deal with the secretions (saliva, etc) on his own. He has not been coughing as much as we'd like to see him, but we are praying for that to improve. Also, Aidan has been moving his toes and his foot when we tickle it. He doesn't move it much, but it is a step in the right direction.

Today, Aidan had some small storms. Usually when he was upset because he had a dirty diaper or his bladder was full. He was able to calm himself down after a while too. I put in a movie (Curious George) for him this evening and he settled down and opened his eyes for a while and looked around and then fell asleep. He woke up because the nurse moved his head to check his trach and it upset him, and he had a dirty diaper. Once that was changed he was fine.

As I mentioned yesterday, they have been straight cathing him because he hasn't been emptying his bladder completely. They brought in a chair called a 'tumbleform' for Aidan to try. It fits him perfectly, but he got very upset about being put in it. His legs are so stiff that it makes it hard to work with him. We're going to keep trying to sit him in it. I'm sure his little body aches from being in the bed for almost 5 weeks and being so tense all the time.

We met with the neurologist, Dr. Corbier, today at his office to talk more about the alternative treatments that we've read about. We mainly discussed the antioxidants, but we discussed others as well (craniosacral, hyperbaric, accupuncture/accupressure, etc.). He also let us know about a support group he started for families with neuro paitients. The meeting is tomorrow at 6:30PM. We plan on going and hope to learn a thing or two. I feel a little better today knowing that Aidan rested well last night and when I left him an hour ago he was resting comfortably and had been for almost 2 hours.

He looked so peaceful and sweet. I wanted to just pick him up and love on him. He looked like he was asleep in his bed at home. I wish that's where he was.... I see his little car bed and I can't help but feel a huge pang of sadness.

I've been reading on another site that was posted in the guestbook on the CaringBridge site about a little girl who had a similar accident as Aidan. It has been very insightful and has helped me greatly, and in many ways I relate to her even though our experiences are somewhat different. It's a lot of reading but if you are interested the site is

I ask that we focus our prayers on calming the neuro-storms, and for Aidan's muscles and body to relax so that the therapists can work with him. Also, pray that he begins making more movements on his own.


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