Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The power of prayer is amazing!

For the first time since the doctor attempted to extubate Aidan, he had a peaceful night without storming. I am so relieved that my baby finally was able to rest through the night. Russell was with him at the hospital last night.

My faith is being slowly renewed. Russell was telling me that he had an overwhelming urge to pray for Aidan last night after he had gone to bed. He sat up and prayed for Aidan and again, put everything in God's hands. I also had the overwhelming urge to pray for Aidan last night, and as hard as it was for me to do, I did the same thing. I put it all in God's hands. Despite what I want for Aidan, God knows best, and he has his own plan for Aidan. I know that, I just have a hard time giving up control. I asked for healing, I asked for a miracle, I asked for my baby to smile and laugh and recognize me again. I prayed for the storms to calm so that the therapists can help him more and so that we can work with him too. I asked for him to be responsive to our voices and our touch and for him to start making movements on his own. I just have to trust that God will provide. (When I talked to Erin on the way back from the morning interview that never was, I found out we had the urge to pray happen at the same time. It's amazing how God works! --Russell)

Russell has another interview today at 4PM Eastern, so I am hoping to get back to the hospital soon. I'm anxious to see how Aidan is doing today. I just wanted to share with you all this tiny little glimmer of hope.

Please pray that Aidan continues to remain calm and that the storms improve and go away and that his muscles are able to relax. Pray that he is able to start coughing and gaging so that he can eventually have the trach removed. Pray that he starts responding to us now that they are decreasing his sedatives and other meds. And please pray that Russell finds a job soon. Thank you, everyone!

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