Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quick Update

Here is a quick update on what is up right now:

Dr. Corbier looked at the EEG and informed us that the scan showed more activity than the previous scan. This is interesting to note, especially since he is on even more sedation than his previous scan.

They are continuing to increase the meds again (Versed, Ativan (UPDATE: Aidan is no longer on the Ativan. It was replaced by the Versed, which he was on before), and Fentanyl) in an effort to better control the storms. We realize they likely can't completely stop the storms. Also, he is hypersensitive to touch. The nurses told us that even when they try to take his temperature under his arm, it does not take much to get him to go into a storm. Fortunately, they have been able to get enough meds in him to keep his heart rate under 180.

We are waiting for the nurses to finish rounds before we go back in to see Aidan again. After that, we'll likely head to the house so we can get a decent night's sleep. Since we have the meeting tomorrow morning, we want to make sure we are well-rested.

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