Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Realization sets in

Erin and I found out today just how bad Aidan had been on Saturday. He was in full cardiac arrest from the time my mother-in-law initiated CPR until the paramedics got him to the hospital. This was nearly 40 minutes after the 911 call was recieved. This means Aidan was clinically dead for approximately 45 minutes when you add in the time he was in the water. The doctors believe he was only in the water 4-7 minutes, though there is no way to really tell according to Dr. Black (the pediatric intensivist).

Dr. Black said that the worst case senario is that Aidan will have some damage to his brain stem and will have developmental/speech type of delays and will require lots of therapy. That's the worst scenario. We can deal with that.

We do not know how to express to everyone just how much your prayers have helped. We truly believe in angels and miracles and Aidan has so many angels looking over him and the fact that he is here right now and that his condition is improving, although he is still critical, is in itself a miracle.

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