Friday, March 28, 2008

Rehab begins today!

Today marks the official start of the newest chapter in Aidan's life. He has several evaluations scheduled, and we will likely have meetings with the social worker, Dr. Wunderlich (the physiatrist on duty) and others.

We'll fill you in with more information once we have met with all of the therapists and doctors today. The Occupational Therapist just came in and after she reads up on Aidan, she will begin her evaluation.

-- Russell


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that you are in Rehab. All of the prayers definitely made a difference. You are truly a miricle boy in more ways than one, Aidan.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of Parents of Near Drowns. I have read your posts about your precious child and please know that I am praying, praying, praying for him and for you. We are anxious for you to join our group (one of our members announced you were joining). It will be a life-saver for both of you and a fantastic resource in the recovery of Aiden. Much love, Kate

Donna said...

Another PONDS member here, Donna Mibus. First my prayers are with you all, esp with Aiden.

I urge you as well to get started on HBOT treatments as soon as possible. HBOT are the Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy treatments Teresa spoke of.

From all the reading I've done on HBOT the sooner you begin treatments the more effective they are. You have a wonderful opportunity here, since Aiden's acccident was so recent!

The PONDS group of people are amazing! They have so much information and support and love to share with you.

I just wanted to offer my prayers to you, and to back up what Teresa said. Get HBOT started as soon as you can.

God's blessings, from a fellow Christian.

ps - totally ignore anyone who says hateful things to you, or blames you - they are not worth your time or energy. Your fellow Christian friends believe in you.

Anonymous said...


We're still reading the blog everyday and praying for Aidan and all of you. It's good that you will have a support group in PONDS. I hope the therapy starts off well!

Love, Belinda

Muhammad Hassan said...

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