Monday, March 17, 2008

Some positive progress

We've made some tiny baby steps today. Aidan is doing pretty well. They've removed some of the monitors, specifically the ones keeping track of his heart rate and respirations. They've adjusted his medications some, trying to get him off of the sedatives and to adjust the ones helping to control the storming episodes. Moving him to the regular pediatrics floor has been discussed since he is stable and isn't requiring the IV meds and sedations. I'm not sure when that will happen for sure.

We are still looking for a rehab, but I got some clarification on Charlotte's Rehab Center. They said he would probably stay about 2 weeks, but if he shows improvement they would keep him there longer. They also said the longest they usually keep patients is a month anyway. Most of his long-term rehab will be done at home by us. We are still looking at other options, though.

As always, we really appreciate your continued prayers and well wishes.

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