Saturday, March 22, 2008

To the smart ass who posted the rude comment on Russell's LiveJournal ...

"Maybe you should have thought about a frigging fence and gate. Sad that HE has to endure this suffering because of BOTH OF YOU"

Russell deleted this comment from my most recent post, but I feel it necessary to reply to your insensitive, ignorant comment. Do you not think that we've all beaten ourselves up for this accident? This didn't even occur at OUR house! I will live with the guilt of this for the rest of my life. Kids are kids and accidents happen. I guess you don't have children or you wouldn't have posted such an ignorant statement. So I will promptly say :


Until you've walked a day in our shoes, keep your mouth shut and stay off our blog or own up to your comment and quit posting anonymously (although we do know that you have a roadrunner account based out of Herndon, VA).

To everyone else... I'm sorry... I am not going to tolerate anyone bashing me or my family for something like this. I feel guilty enough for this whole thing without someone rubbing my nose in it. It's not the most Christian thing to do to reply back as I have, but I've had a bad couple of days and I as I said, I will NOT put up with this. If I knew exactly who this was exactly, I'd let them have it some more. I'll take up my actions with God later.

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