Saturday, March 8, 2008

Today seems to be going pretty well. Aidan has been taken off of one of the sedatives (Fentanyl). They've started him on Methadone to deal with any withdrawal symptoms he might have which could trigger more storming episodes.

He's had a few mild storms today, but they haven't been nearly as bad as they have been. He goes into them rather quickly and just as quickly calms back down.

They will start weaning the other sedation med (Versed) tomorrow. The plan is to do it slowly, although I'm not sure how slow they are talking.

Aidan will go back under general anesthesia on Monday (not sure what time yet) to replace his trach with a larger one. This should solve the problem he's having with the leak. They are putting in one that is more custom fit for him. I think the doctors underestimated how big his chest/torso is for his age.

He's been resting comfortably for most of the day, but did have a slight fever a little bit ago. He is on antibiotics for the sinus infection as well.

Evan has gone home with my aunt and cousin. I decided to transition him to formula so that it would be easier for others to take care of him. They all but ran out of here with him. They like to spoil the boys. It's hard to be away from either of the boys, but it's nice to have a little time to myself (even if only for an hour or so).

If Aidan is still resting well this evening, I think that Russell and I are going to try to get out of the hospital for a little while. I'm not sure what we'll do, but Aidan is being well taken care of and the baby-hogs have Evan (you know I love you!).

We'll update more tomorrow. Thanks for the continued prayers and support. Love to everyone!


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