Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Aidan is on his way back home

I just called Erin and she told me Aidan will be discharged at about 1:30 this afternoon and should be home by about 3:30 (we all know how long it takes to discharge someone from the hospital!). We'll get back into the swing of this with HBOT and everything else tomorrow. Aidan has an appointment tomorrow morning with his primary care physician (Dr. Pons), so myself or Erin will most likely post another update tomorrow after that.


Anonymous said...

Great news! Thank you for letting us know!

Leslie said...

PRAISE THE LORD. My husband and I have been praying all morning for little Aidan and for him to get back home. Our prayers for Aidan are very bold, very big, and we fully expect many miracles in the next few weeks! It must be so very hard to remember this as you face each day, but know that our Almighty Creator has your little Aidan in His very capable hands, and loves him so much, and has a plan for each of his days. Always praying, Brett & Leslie Barkley

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU JESUS. That is the best news I've heard in a Dog's Age. We will keep praying for Aidan. Jason Oswalt

Luke's Mom said...

I'm so glad to hear that Aidan is back home. I continue to keep Aidan and your whole family in my prayers, as I know this time in your life is nearly impossible to get through. Just remember, with God nothing is impossible.

Anxiously I await to hear news on how things are going.

Love in Christ,