Sunday, April 6, 2008

A gift from the Carolina Speed

The father of friend of Erin's works as a trainer for the Carolina Speed. He helped arrange for his daughter to do a fund raiser at their game last night. I also got to go to the game since her dad scored a pair of tickets for me and my wife's aunt. The fund raiser went well, though it was hard to listen to the video Erin created for the hour we were there before the game started.

Towards the end of the game, Ashlyn (Erin's friend) found me and told me her dad had something to give me. We went down after the game was over and he gave me a game ball (like the AFL, game balls lost to the crowd become souveniers). We then went down on the field and I got the ball autographed by all the players, coaches, and cheerleaders to give to Aidan as a gift from the team. When I get the, I'll post some pictures of the ball.

In an interesting twist, I found out one of the players went to NWOSU in Alva. I talked to him during the autograph session and told him I was getting the ball autographed for Aidan. He proceeded to tell me that his son was also named Aidan.

I plan on going to another game when my mom and brother come to see us from Oklahoma. I hope to take Aidan along so the players can meet him.


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