Monday, April 21, 2008

Minor setback not so minor

It turns out that the minor setback from yesterday was not so minor after all. Erin called this morning and informed me that due to the constant secretions and attention required to take care of them, they decided to move Aidan back to the PICU. In a strange twist of irony, he is in the same room he was in when he was admitted to after the accident.

At this time, they are doing chest x-rays to see if he actually has pneumonia (previous x-rays were to see if he aspirated and, if so, did that cause pneumonia) and blood cultures to see what is causing the high white blood cell count. They also have him hooked up to an IV for fluids.

When Erin came in to pick up some things so she can stay at the hospital, she informed me that Aidan weighed 28 pounds. This is low, but not low enough to be of concern; however, he has definitely lost a lot of weight ... quite a bit in the last day or so due to the vomiting.

Erin was told by Dr. Cacerras that we should not expect Aidan to be discharged today or tomorrow. Dr. Black comes in tomorrow, so we will have another assessment done soon. Once they rehydrate him and find out where the infection is coming from so they can start the antibiotics, he should be able to keep his formula down and we'll be able to come home.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that the setback is more serious than first thought. We are keeping Aidan in our prayers and praying for that miracle of recovery still. Also praying for you, as parents, as this has to be the most devasting thing to be going through.
Thanks for the photo link from the newspaper article. He looks so good!! Such a precious, handsome little boy.
Keeping your family in our prayers! God bless and keep you strong through this!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to hear Aidan's had this setback, and is back in the hospital! I will surely pray for your little man!
In Christian love,
Donna Mibus