Friday, April 25, 2008

possible surgery

I got a call yesterday from the pediatric surgeons office. It seems Aidan's doctors have been discussing the option of him having a device called a "Nissan" put in his tummy to prevent the reflux that he is having. This device is usually put in place at the same time as the g-tube surgery, but it wasn't in Aidan's case. They want to do the surgery this coming week, and we have an appointment to see both surgeons on Monday afternoon, after our appointment with Aidan's neurologist.

I think the surgery is a good idea because Aidan is having multiple vomiting episodes every day. It still has a lot of mucus in it. I don't know what is going to make the mucus go away, but he just has SO much of it.

Russell's mom and brother arrived yesterday evening. I'm glad that they got here safely. We've missed them both so much, and our nephew, Seth, as well. It's a toss up. Being closer physically to one family over the other one. We had planned to get back to OK sooner, but with the whole job situation leading up to Aidan's accident and then the accident itself, nothing ever seems to work out.

I'll be able to post more on Monday once I know more about the surgery and get a chance to talk with the neurologist about things. I don't really know where things stand at this point. Sorry I don't have better news.

Please pray with us that this surgery will help Aidan's reflux problem and that we're able to get the secretions to dry up so that he is more comfortable. Thank you, everyone!


Luke's Mom said...

I will be praying that God will give you wisdom about the surgery. Luke had a Nissen wrap done a few years ago, but it is no longer working. One thing to think about before going ahead with the surgery is asking the surgeon, "how long will the Nissen last" there are definitely pro's and cons. Most kids like ours get the surgery but it doesn't last long because of the muscle tone issues. Just some thoughts.

I also found the thing that helped Luke the most with his reflux problems was taking him off the Zantac and giving him digestive aids every time we feed him. It not only stopped the throwing up, he has also had no problems with constipation which seems to be a huge problem in so many of the children like ours. If you want more information just ask on the PONDS website others can share their experiences with this surgery.

Sorry if I'm giving unsolicited advice, I just wish I would of had more people tell me some of the things that I didn't know right after Luke's accident. Hope it helps.

Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

This is a new therapy that we are just beginning in April of 2007. We are changing Samuel’s diet to ensure it is healthier and more capable of sustaining new cell growth and regeneration. This diet was suggested to us by Dr. Tennant. Dr. Tennant also introduced us to the biomodulator that is a little machine we will use to give Samuel’s body voltage. Through a lot of research, I have become convinced that the body needs voltage to heal and that our bodies actually increase their voltage when we have an injury in order to heal the injury. But with chronic conditions, our body is sometimes incapable of sustaining enough voltage to entirely heal itself and that’s where the biomodulator comes in. It will help Samuel’s body by giving it enough voltage to be able to heal and regenerate both his body and his brain. We are hoping to see great things from it! And we also hope to someday travel to Texas to visit Dr. Tennant in his institute for further treatments with more investigational inventions.
this was posted on samuels miracle...might want to check into you guys....jen