Monday, April 28, 2008


Since Saturday evening, Aidan has not had any episodes of reflux or vomiting. I decided to add some baby rice with bananas to his formula and decrease the volume of formula by the calories in the cereal. So far this has also helped him sleep better at night. He's still getting the same amount of calories but it's less volume and it's something semi-solid that his stomach can actually digest better. Liquids don't sit on your stomach the same way regular food does, and if someone were pushing your entire meal into your stomach in less than 2 minutes, it would make you sick too.

We still have the appointment with the surgeons to discuss the nissan procedure, but I don't think we're going to do it unless it's our last resort. I don't want to put Aidan through another surgery unless it's really necessary. If changing his diet will fix the problem, then that's what I'd rather do. It's been my plan all along to change it anyway- as I've said before, the formula he is on is nasty. All formula is nasty. The only good thing about it is that it is convienient.

Today is also our follow-up appointment with Aidan's neurologist. I'm not sure what to expect there. I'd like to see about getting a SPECT scan done as well as another MRI to see if there is any further damage. The SPECT scan is the one that shows the brain activity in color. It will help us get a better visual idea of the extent of Aidan's injury.

Russell's mom and brother head back to Oklahoma this morning. Please say a prayer for them that they have a safe trip. It's a long drive (about 18-20 hours), even though they are going to stop overnight.

We are trying to organize a golf tournament fundraiser for June. Russell has been working out the details so I don't know much about it. The bracelets should be here in the next day or so. I'll post a picture of them and post info about purchasing them as soon as they arrive.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and your efforts to help raise money for Aidan's treatments, gas to those treatments and special equpiment not covered by insurance. We would not be able to do this if it weren't for your generosity.

I'll post more later after we meet with the doctors.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update on Aidan this morning. I pray that the doctors' visits go well today and you can schedule the scans to see how he is coming along, and they will show improvement.
Good move with the diet! Can't argue with good results! I will pray that this will be a better solution for him than the surgery.
Every time I read your update on Aidan, I make it a point to pray right then for the specifics you mention, and will continue to lift your family in prayer, for your strength to deal with this and for Aidan's recovery. Blessings to you, snd thanks again for taking the time to keep us updated on his progress.

Anonymous said...

I also want to say what the person before me said. Prayers going up for your family!

Anonymous said...

good to hear you got to see the family....would love to see more pics of aidan... haven't spoken to you both in a long time...we're still adding aidan as well as you both to our nightly prayer routine....hope it is working...give me a call. Jen