Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hoping to find out something this week

Aidan continued to be grouchy through the first part of today. He did eventually calm down some after some people came to do some "energy work" (Reiki/Healing Touch) on him this afternoon, but he was still fussy from time to time, especially when we put anything through his G-Tube.

We had already ruled out everything else (gas, constipation, storms, new injuries, etc.), so Erin checked his ears as a last resort. His left ear had a lot of wax in it and his right ear was a little red. She called Aidan's PCP and got an appointment setup for tomorrow morning. It may be nothing, but he may have an ear infection. Nana checked it when she came in this evening and she didn't see anything that indicated he had one. Still, we would like to make sure since he is doing they hyperbaric therapy.

-- Russell

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Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about Aiden and you all.
How are his ears? Is he settling down again?