Thursday, May 1, 2008

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It took a little trickery (i.e., downloading an application to record the stream), but the movie is now uploaded to YouTube. It is now over on the left side of the page; simply click on it to view it.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank News14 Carolina for offering us the chance to put our face and story out there on TV. Again, the reporter did a great job in telling the important part of the story: how we are in need of a HBOT chamber at home and we are trying to raise the funds to get one.


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Leslie said...

THANK YOU, Russell, for taking your time to figure out how to post this video. We cannot thank you enough for doing that. I was unable, on my mac, to view it from the news website. Seeing little Aidan honestly made my night, I had been looking forward to it all day! He is such a tough guy. I'll try not to write 3 paragraphs like I usually do, but I want to say it again - like so many others across the country, my husband and I pray EARNESTLY for Aidan every single day. And we DO trust our Heavenly Father with him, and trust Him with a full recovery for Aidan. And strength and rest for you and Erin each day.

What a blessing to see Aidan on that video! What a precious tough guy!

Brett & Leslie Barkley