Monday, May 5, 2008

tests scheduled and some pictures

Aidan's tests have been scheduled. He will have a SPECT scan done on the 12th at 11am, a 2 hour EEG May 15th at 8am, and a MRI on May 28th at 8am. Please make a note of those and say a prayer for him that we get good news and evidence of continued progress and healing.

I recently received an email from a grandmother who's granddaughter nearly drowned the same day that we brought Aidan home from the hospital. I don't know all the details, only that her name is Allison and that she fell into a man-made lake or pond. It just breaks my heart to know that another family is going through this pain. Please say a prayer for this little girl. I don't know where they live or anything, just that the little girl is having storms like Aidan was having and they feel like the doctors are giving up. I'm hoping to get more details, but I've asked that she give her daughter (the little girl's mother) my email address and phone number. I don't know what I can do to help other than to listen and pray for them. This is all too new to me, but I feel obligated to be there for someone going through the same thing we've just trudged through. Just pray, that's all I ask.

And for the pictures- I got a few pictures over the weekend and today. The first is Aidan sleeping. I love this picture of him. It reminds me of how he used to sleep before the accident. The next one is of Aidan and my friend's little girl, Abby at the Carolina Speed game Saturday night. And the last one is of Evan checking Aidan out while he was trying to take a nap. Got to love little brothers! :)


Anonymous said...

Love the last picture! You have your hands full with Evan. He's a little stinker. :)


Leslie said...

Oh these boys are handsime heartbreakers! GORGEOUS. We love photos of the, both, post as often as you can! Praying daily for Aidan's FULL recovery, and for excellent news on the scan and EEG coming up. We have also added little Allison to our prayers, thank you for passing the word on other families that need prayer... These little children ARE under the full observation and first hand care of our loving Savior. Brett & Leslie Barkley

Kristina said...

Absolutely beautiful. Will keep praying.

Anonymous said...

This is Allison's Grandmother, Carole.. THANK YOU..