Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I took Aidan to the doctor yesterday morning and he doesn't have an ear infection, which is good. He seemed to be his usual self yesterday. We're thinking he was just having pains from being constipated. He's on so many meds that cause constipation, so we have to keep giving his stuff to conteract them.

He did have a lot more seizures yesterday, so I followed our neurologists plan of giving Aidan ativan if he has a pretty severe seizure and see how it affects him. I had to give him two doses yesterday about 5 hours apart. The medicine seemed to help because he didn't have but maybe one or two little startles and then a bigger one which I gave him the second dose for. We'll have to keep this up until Friday and then I'm supposed to call the doctor back and let him know how Aidan did.

I got a call from the anesthesiologist who will be putting Aidan to sleep for him MRI next week. They just have to go over his medical history and all of that stuff. I have to call the lady who does the scheduling and get the SPECT scan rescheduled because the doctor doesn't want Aidan to have 2 tests requiring anesthesia so close together, and he'd rather us do the MRI first.

Aidan's doctor said that she sees a big difference in him from the last time she saw him. He actually followed her with his eyes. I see him every day, so I don't always see some of the changes right away. He did stretch his legs and arm when he woke up from a nap which is something new.

Other than that, not much is going on. Still waiting to find out about when the swallow study will be scheduled and we're waiting on the stander and Aidan's wheelchair/stroller and bath chair. It will be several more weeks before we hear anything about those, though.

Please pray for Aidan's continued progress. He's coming along well. I look at him and think how lucky we are to still have him here. I can't imagine my life without him in it. I just wish he was running around and playing instead of lying in a crib watching a movie right now. I have hope that he'll be running around eventually... I just have to hold on to that. Please also pray that this golf tournament fundraiser goes well. I'm getting nervous about it because we haven't had anyone register to play in it yet. I'm hoping that they will start coming in the next week or so.
Thanks everyone!



Leslie said...

Praise the Lord for these miracles! Hearing that he followed the doctor and that he stretched when he woke from his nap is such glorious news. We are praying with you that he is running around while watching movies with you, so, so soon, Erin. So soon that you will be amazed. We are praying for tons of tournament entries as well. And we've been praying about the MRI and SPECT.

We have been praying for you and Russell specifically as well. I hope the whole family gets rest today, and that every MOMENT our loving God is healing something new in Aidan.

Anonymous said...