Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today we've been without a day nurse. With it being Mother's Day weekend, they were having trouble filling the schedule. We're supposed to have 2 nurses a day for a total of 20 hours. We usually have a break in the evening from 5-9pm. That schedule will change next Friday and go down to 16 hours a day, but this is the most time we've spent with Aidan without a nurse being here. I feel perfectly comfortable taking care of him, so it really isn't an issue.

The SPECT scan we had scheduled for Monday has been canceled because anesthesia was not scheduled at the same time for Aidan. I'm assuming that the person who originally scheduled the scan had a reason for not coordinating with anesthesia. The lady I spoke with on Friday said that because of Aidan's age, they didn't want to risk him moving... HA! The most he's going to do is move his mouth and maybe slightly turn his head.... unless he has one of his "seizure" episodes. Anyway, it looks like it will be the end of the month before he will have that scan done. But it looks like it will be the day before the MRI, which will also require anesthesia. I don't know if that's going to happen either because I really don't want him to be put to sleep two days in a row.

The golf tournament is coming together. We're trying to get more sponsors and prizes lined up, but we've yet to get anyone to register for the tournament (I have a feeling most of the registrations will come in around the 2 weeks before the tourney happens. --Russell). I really hope that this picks up because I'm kind of starting to get worried about it. A lot of people have expressed interest. We're working on getting fliers out with registration forms so hopefully this will turn out well.

We have some other people looking into doing a poker tournament or a poker run fundraiser as well. I don't know the first thing about that stuff, so I'm glad someone else is handling that.

We're doing pretty well at selling the wristbands. Several of Russell's mom's coworkers have ordered some, and Matthew's girlfriend has taken some to her work. With those along with all the ones other family members have, we are getting them pretty well distributed. If anyone would like to purchase one that hasn't so far, I have more of the mediums than the other sizes, but we still have plenty.

Russell has a second interview Friday with a company here in Concord. He felt it went pretty well, and should know something about it on Monday. The pay is pretty good for what he will be doing, so that will definitely help things along.

Other than that, there hasn't been much going on. The chair that I ordered for Aidan came in yesterday and it works really well for him. It's like the tumbleform chair he had in the hospital, but it's made by a different company called Special Tomato. I like the shape and covering on this chair better as well as the harness. We're still waiting to hear about the stander, bath seat and wheelchair, but it could take a while with the billing.

I'll try to post more later. I'd like to ask that everyone focus their prayers on Aidan's swallowing ability. He's not swallowing consistently. He did show some interest in chewing yesterday when we stopped at McDonald's as we were leaving Walmart last night. I took a fry and let him taste it and he actually bit down on it and was trying to chew it, so he's showing interest in eating, but we have to work on the swallowing so he doesn't aspirate stuff into his lungs. So, please, focus your prayers on that, as well as Russell's continued job hopes. We greatly appreciate everyone's support and the continued prayers. I really believe that we wouldn't be this far if it wasn't for that.



Leslie said...

I'm praying that God has allowed the SPECT date to be changed so He can work more miracles in little Aidan for those results to be spectacular!

We will be praying specifically for Aidan to master chewing. We loved hearing that he bit down on a McDonald's french fry - now that's a typical little boy... ! We cannot wait for him to be woofing them down soon!

We are also praying for you, Russell and Evan to get rest and that the Lord fills you daily with His strength.

Jacqueline said...


I read your blogg every couple of days. I live next to Besty Boone. I think of Aidan often and keep all of you in my prayers. Have a Happy Mothers Day! Because you are one of the special ones. God Bless!

Erin said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comments. We are so grateful that there are such caring, loving people in the world to pray for our little boy. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes as well. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful, special mothers out there!