Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 months at home

Aidan has been home for 2 months, not counting his brief stay at the hospital shortly after coming home. It feels like it's been much longer. Monday was our follow-up appointment with the rehab specialist. She said that Aidan is looking good. We addressed some issues with his leg braces and hand splints, but overall, there isn't much to tell. I filled her in on Aidan's progress and other doctor's appointments. I told her about the broncoscopy and our hopes to get Aidan weaned off of the trach by the end of the summer. She seemed to think this was good.

This isn't one of my favorite doctors, but she is nice to Aidan. We have to go back in 4 months to look at possibly having botox injections in the muscles in Aidan's legs if we can't get them to loosen up more. I think that once we get the stander a lot of his range and flexibility will return. It's just going to take some work to get him back to what he was able to do when we were in the rehab facility.

A lot of people have said that we should consider getting a puppy for Aidan. I'm seriously considering it because neither Paco, our chihuahua, or Max, my mom's Yorkie, wants to have anything to do with Aidan. They act like they are terrified of him. Bear, our lab, isn't allowed inside since we live with my mom. If we had our own place, I'd rather he be able to come inside because he is really well behaved and he likes to be with us. Russell and I always said if we were to ever get another dog it would be one that wouldn't shed so much. We really would like to get a miniture labradoodle since they either don't shed or have very minimal shedding, and they have similar personalities and traits of labs. Bear has always been good with kids, and I think a similar puppy would be good for Aidan.

I don't want another small, yippy dog, though. The minitures are between the 35-40 pound range full grown. I did find a group that donates these kind of dogs to families with medical or special needs, but they are in Texas. I'm not all that fond of the idea of going to a breeder when there are so many dogs and puppies in shelters. Finding a labradoodle puppy or similar to meet our needs is going to be nearly impossible. Anyway, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens and borrow my cousin's puppy, Bella, so that Aidan can love on her.

I'm willing to do just about anything to see Aidan smile on a regular basis and eventually be able to run around and play with a puppy. That's what I dream about.

Evan goes for his 1 year old check-up tomorrow. I'm sure that will be fun... really. The rest of the week I have to get things ready for his birthday party. I'm making his cake to look like a sand bucket and a beach ball. I hope it turns out okay. I'll be sure to take pictures of everything and post them. Saturday is a poker run for Aidan. I'm not really in the loop on that one because someone outside of our family is planning it. I just know when and where to show up after the bike ride. I hope they have decent weather and turn out for the event.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their continued prayers, love and support for Aidan and our family. Even though we don't personally know a lot of you, I'm glad that you all have been touched by our little man. I wish that you all could know him and spend time with him. He's a miracle.



Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to Evan!!! We can't wait to see photos of the cake, too ;) We will be praying for the Poker Run to be incredibly helpful, that the weather is great for it and tons of people do it. Praying daily for Aidan's full recovery!

Anonymous said...

I've been following Aidan's progress through and just wanted to let you all know I'm praying for Aidan and your family.

As for finding a dog... We've used to find a dog. You can search by breed and by size. This might be a way you could find the breed mixture you like without having to go through an expensive breeder. I teared up reading about how Aidan responded by smiling to the puppy. Animals can be so wonderful and theraputic. Best of luck finding a new friend for Aidan. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just checking in, as I do quite often. I hope everything is going ok with you and your family. I keep thinking about Aidan and the smile that he brought you! To get a picture of the both of you smiling would be fantastic! Who ever was with the two of you must have a wonderful mental picture of that! Keep up the good work even if it seems it will never end. And keep your chin up, you are a wonderful person!