Thursday, June 5, 2008

Golf Tournament Update

As of today, we have received a whopping one entry. There are a few other verbal commits (4-6 teams), but we hope to get more in the mail tomorrow.

I took the opportunity to call the golf course to see if I can get some extra time since response has been so bad/slow. They allowed me to give a final number for the tournament on Monday (6/9); however, I have to have a final number for food by tomorrow.

Therefore, if you are thinking about entering and want to eat at the clubhouse after the tournament is over, please email golfingforaidan at gmail dot com and let us know before 5PM Eastern Time tomorrow so we can give a firm number for dinner. If you don't plan to stay and eat, you have until Monday to get your entries in to us.

All the information is available at


-- Russell


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! There are SO MANY golfers out there. What's the problem? Selfish I suppose, or just plain lazy.

The Tuba Geek said...

Well, it IS the day before Father's Day. That could be one reason. I hope that is the only reason ...

Erin said...

I personally thought that because it was Father's Day weekend we'd have a better response. I figured that's what a lot of people would be doing. Taking their dad's golfing. It's not like it's national holiday. I'm just really disappointed. I don't really know what else to do as far as raising the rest of the funds for Aidan's hyperbaric chamber. We've exhausted all our funds just to live on and get him to and from Charlotte for his treatments and to keep our van running. The van still needs some work to get the air conditioning working correctly. Aidan has to have the air conditioning because the outdoor air isn't good blowing on him since we're trying to keep his lungs clear. Oh, well. I guess we'll figure out something.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised there isn't a better turnout. Did you send out invitations to the doctors that worked on Aidan at the hospital? The nurses have dads too! Maybe a candy bar / bracelet fundraiser where you could set up a table outside of walmart? You could have a jar for contributions without purchase. Last week there was a lady that handed me nothing but a print out on her daughter and the car accident she was in. Her daughter was their with her in a wheelchair and needed more medical surgeries than they could afford (this was at reasor's by the way) and asked if everyone contributed a dollar, they would combine to be enough to cover some of her medical bills and surgeries that were needed. Insurance covers about 80 percent of the bills and surgeries...but, 20% adds up very quickly. If you donated five dollars they gave you a candy bar and if you donated ten dollars they gave you a bubble necklace, for twenty you got both and a bookmark. I thought it was a great idea. Then I saw her again today at walmart with the same stuff and she added candles. Just a thought....I know it is hot outside and not the best time of year to be doing fundraising...but, it sure beats door to door. Miss you....and we're still praying...and we have our church praying for Aidan as well,, jen