Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I think our readers are getting restless :)

Okay, sorry for waiting until late to post an update on the bronchoscopy. Aidan did well going to sleep and they only had to stick him twice to get an IV started. The doctor let our nurse stay and observe the procedure, so she got to stay with Aidan the whole time, which made me feel better.

The doctor said that everything looks great. Aidan's adenoids are a little swollen but he said it wasn't anything to worry about right now. His vocal cords look great. His upper airway is clear as is the rest of his trachea. They were able to take the trach tube out to see if there was any collapse and there wasn't. So, everything looks really good and we'll have an appointment set up with an ENT to get Aidan the PMV.

They haven't called to set that appointment up yet, but we should hear something tomorrow. While we were at Levine we went down to the rehab floor to say hi to the therapists and nurses that took care of Aidan while we were there. They were all happy to see him and kept going on about how big he's gotten.

So, there... I hope everyone is pleased with the update. :P

We've got the golf tournament rescheduled for August 9th. Please pray that we get more players to register. We're lowering the entry fee to hopefully draw in more people. I don't know... I'm looking at what our costs are and, boy, I wish we were getting the course's cut of the deal. We've made the registration form so that it can be filled out and emailed to us or faxed instead of waiting on snail-mail. I'm thinking of other things to do to raise funds as well. We're considering auctions or raffles. I think all of which can be accomplished online.

Well, The rest of the week is pretty quiet. We just have some hyperbaric treatments and then I'm going to try to spend the weekend gathering and pricing items for a yard sale.

Thank you all for your prayers for Aidan. We greatly appreciate all of your love and support.

p.s. I was trying to be funny with my sarcasm. I'm so grateful to those of you read this blog or check it every day to see if there is news about Aidan. He's a little heartbreaker, I'll tell you. Even in cyberspace he's got the ladies wrapped around his little finger.


Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for Aidan and your family. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this.

Erin said...

Thanks for your prayers and support, Lisa. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been following along since the beginning of this journey. Your strength amazes me time and time again. You are in my prayers every day. Keep the faith and lots of cyber-hugs to you, your husband, and your beautiful boys.

Leslie said...

You got it, we're TOTALLY, COMPLETELY wrapped around his finger! Praying daily, and so very thankful for your updates and photos.

Leslie said...

(Sorry to post again). Check out I've seen it on other blog sites, and it has a total amount of money needed, and when people donate through it, it shows the amount going down. Maybe a visual on your site would really help bring in more donations and would give them an idea of what kind of expenses you're dealing with here. They may have missed some of the posts with the HB chamber costs and such. This way they can see what you're needing right there in the margin, EVERY DAY! (And not just for the chamber, but for all of those medical bills that arrive in the mail daily, I know...) It really may bring in more donations and help. Everyone knows that fundraising is the last thing you want to have to focus on, you want to focus on your heartbreaker boys! And this may be one little way to help more, and it's quick and easy for you!

Anonymous said...

He is indeed a heartbreaker along with little brother Evan. Cutie, patooties! I am happy that things look like they are beginning to settle for you. I think about you daily and pray for a COMPLETE recovery for Aidan.