Friday, July 25, 2008

I dream of Aidan....

For the first time in over 5 months I had a dream that I remembered and it was about Aidan. This was Wednesday night. I dreamed that I had left to go somewhere and he was like he is now, but when I came back he was his normal self- running around and playing with the roller coaster table that Evan got for his birthday. I didn't want to wake up. It was so nice to hear him laughing and see him smiling in my dream.

Today, Aidan's physical therapist brought us a stander to use until ours is delivered (at this rate,he may be 10 before it ever arrives). He did really well in it and stood at about a 50 degree angle for 30 minutes. He didn't fuss at all when we put him in it. I was so excited to get him standing and bearing weight through his legs again.

That's all that going on right now, I'll post more later this weekend. :)


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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful dream! Let's pray that it is a sign of things to come!