Wednesday, August 6, 2008

EEG update

I don't have much to tell, but Aidan did well at the hospital. The neurologist was pleased with what she was able to review this morning on the computer. Aidan has a lot more brain activity than he previously had, although it is still a little slower than normal. He is having some seizure activity, but she didn't really talk about that much. She and the other neurologist will review the whole EEG and analyze it. They also drew a little blood to test his Keppra (seizure med) levels to decide if his dosage needs to be changed.

We have a follow-up appointment with the neurologist on the 26th of this month. The bronchoscopy and decanulization (if everything goes well) are still scheduled for the 28th. I'm so ready for Aidan to not have a trach. It will be nice to see him look normal without the constant reminder that something is wrong when you look at him.

A couple of Aidan's nurses from the PICU came over to visit him earlier today and then they also ended up doing the blood draw before we left too. He's not an easy stick. It took 2 tries to get a tiny vial for the Keppra test.

Well, that's all I know for now. We're still working on getting the yeast infections around his g-tube and trach cleared up. He got those from being on the antibiotic for his ear infection.

Aidan's stander and bath seat are being delivered tomorrow morning (FINALLY!) and we will resume hyperbaric treatments tomorrow evening. The golf tournament is on Saturday. I just wish it was all over at this point.

I didn't sleep well at the hospital, so I'm exhausted. I'll update more later. Thanks for the continued prayers and support!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update! I am happy that he has more activity in his brain!
How are you feeling with your hernia?

Anonymous said...

That sounds encouraging. It always amazes me how quickly he is improving. Praise the Lord!

Kristina said...

It sounds like things are going pretty well. I think of you constantly. I hope you're feeling well yourself.

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