Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ever wish you had a crystal ball?

I'm wishing that I had had one when I was pregnant with Aidan. If I had known then what I know now about saving his cord blood and the possibilities his own stem cells have of healing his brain now, I'd have jumped at the opportunity. Now, I'm just kicking myself in the butt for not doing it anyway.

I know that stem cell research is a very touchy issue with some people, but cord blood stem cells really shouldn't be that controversial. They are taken from the placenta at birth or otherwise destroyed as medical waste.

This is a story that was featured on the Today Show about a little boy who was treated with his own cells.
It's extremely interesting and proves to me that there is hope in using stem cells. They are just now starting to see the effectiveness in treating injuries like Aidan's.

I bring this up because Russell and I have been discussing whether we want another child in the near future. If we do decide to have another baby, we're definitely saving the cord blood because there is a chance that it could be used to treat Aidan. Siblings are twice as likely to be a match according to what I've read. While that wouldn't be our purpose to bring another baby into the picture it is definitely a perk.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share some of the stuff I'd been reading.

The past few weeks have been good. Aidan is doing well. We've decreased his methadone and he has responded well to that. With Christmas just a couple days away, I'm just reminded of how sad I am. I'm trying to keep myself busy by crocheting and doing housework which is why I haven't been posting a lot lately. It's just too hard sometimes.

Aidan finished his 80th hyperbaric treatment last Friday and is taking a break until sometime in April. The center was fully booked so we couldn't start back at the first of the year like we were thinking initially. The break will do us all some good.

So that is what is going on here. I hope that everyone is doing well and having a wonderful holiday!



Cindy said...

Good morning!
It has been so busy around here I have not responded to your post.
Regarding the crystal ball.....Half the time I wish I had one the other half I do not want one. If bad things are going to happen anyway, cause you can't change God's plan, why suffer before hand? But, you can prepare if you knew. So, there is my opinion on crystal balls!
I hope you have a better New Year!

Cindy said...

Oh yeah, one more thing...If you had planned on having another baby, you should. The cord blood would be an extra bonus!

Leslie said...

We're always praying for you Erin. And especially through the holidays. I hope your while family did have a wonderful Christmas. We pray for full healing for Aidan in the new year.

Barbara said...

I'm so sorry for what you are going through, I can't begin to imagine, and will keep Aidan in my prayers. I read this post a while back and reading it make me wish we had banked our childrens' cord blood. Since then we have had another baby and we banked his cord blood, just in case this time. Thank you so much for sharing the information.