Tuesday, December 9, 2008

more pictures

The much awaited Halloween pictures are finally downloaded! Russell forgot to add them last night when he posted.

These are some that were taken from Thanksgiving day and this past Saturday while we were waiting to see Santa.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Aidan is starting to respond to be tickled. He will smile a little when you tickle him, but not every time. The other night I came in to talk to him before going out to run some errands and I tickled his nose and he smiled at me. And then when I was stroking his cheek he smiled at me again. It's enough to melt your heart into a giant puddle of mush when he smiles at you.

That's all that is going on right now. We're getting ready to leave to go to the school for his assessment so I will post news about that later.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Unknown said...

The boys are SO adorable as Care Bears, Erin! What a creative idea--I've never seen that before! It's great to hear that everyone is doing alright, and I will be continuing to pray for you all throughout this holiday season.

Kristina said...

Aidan looks just like Russell. Wow! They look adorable in their costumes.

ferfischer said...

I found your blog through a friend. One of my 12 month old twin daughters had a choking accident on October 29th. She now has an anoxic brain injury and parts of her entire brain are injured. We are now going through much of the same thing as you. Reading your older posts seem like reading our own - 2 weeks in the PICU on the ventilator with many of the same medicines, 4 weeks in rehab with intense therapy. We just arrived home from the hospital last week and are lining up therapy's at home. We are also going to do hyperbaric oxygen treatments (luckily there is a center within 2-3 miles of our house!). I want to talk to you without putting our blog address out here - so please contact me if you can and I'll share my blog with you. We can support each other. My email: colofisch@yahoo.com