Friday, January 30, 2009

video of Aidan eating

I took this video last night while I was feeding Aidan so that everyone could see how he is doing. You also get a chance to kind of see what his seizures are like, even though you can't see the effect on his whole body because I'm so close, but it gives you an idea. He will open his mouth when I ask him, and a lot of times when I ask him a question, it sounds like he is say "uh-huh." I'm not sure how much of that his him trying to answer me or it's just him vocalizing/whining.

It's kind of a long video (a little less than 8 minutes), and it's not the greatest, but I wanted everyone to see how he's doing and to show you just how much he actually eats right now.



Peg said...

Thank you so much for this. It is so good to see Aidan eating.

Give him a hug from me.

Aunt Peg

Leslie said...

Thank you so, so much for doing this. We are so thankful to see your little guy in action. We pray for more progress daily. You and Russ are doing an amazing job, and we pray for you both as well.