Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Something exciting happened this afternoon- When Aidan's OT was here she had Aidan in her lap and was laying him back, his head flopped back a little and he started smiling and laughed. She did it again, and Aidan was actually anticipating her laying him back. He squealed out loud he was so excited about it. He was also pulling his arms up to indicate that he wanted to do it again. He squealed another time, too. I couldn't help but cry hearing him laugh out loud and respond to someone playing with him.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with everyone. I'm so proud of how well he is doing. Aidan seems to be having a good time at school too. I have a meeting in the morning to review his IEP and go over the feeding issues. Hopefully we can add a feeding goal to his IEP. He is doing really well at home and will occasionally eat up to 3 oz of babyfood at one sitting.

Other than that, we're all doing pretty good. We got a "new" vehicle for Russ to drive to work. He got an '04 Ford Escape. It's a pretty nice car and with him driving to Charlotte every day for work, I feel better with him driving something newer. I finished a cake this weekend and I have another one to do in 2 weeks. This is the one I finished Saturday morning.

I am still working on sewing the squares together on the afghan. I know I've been so slack about it, but other things have come up that had to dealt with first. I'm about half done with sewing it together and doing the border. I'm going to work on it some this week in the evenings and maybe some during the day if I can get Evan to take a nap when he is supposed to.

Well, I hope that every one is doing well. Hope you all have a great week! :)



Cindy said...

Good for Aidan! And good for you too! I know this boosts your spirits, and we all need that boost here and there!

Kathy Hooper said...

That's such great news about Aidan. I can imagine hearing that laugh was magical for you. Your cake is beautiful!

Unknown said...

that is amazing! Go Aidan!
Cheri from PONDS

SugarEd Productions said...


That makes my heart soar!

Your cake is gorgous too. It is great to hear you sounding more up. Continued prayers for you all.

Leslie said...

He did precisely what a 3 year-old boy would do! Right on track - laughing and putting his arms up to do it again! HOW AWESOME!!! What a wonderful moment that must have been! Praise the Lord! We're always praying for more and more miracles!!!