Thursday, April 16, 2009

4-16-09 update

Thanks everyone for praying for Aidan and asking how he is doing. He is still in the PICU. I spoke with his primary doctor last night and it does look like he has an area in his right lower lung that looks like it might be pneumonia. They did an x-ray yesterday morning and the area was showing up more than it had the day previous and when they compared it to the x-ray done on Saturday, they could see where it was. It was so faint on Saturday that it wasn't even noticed. The internist at the hospital (who we absolutely love to death), said it could be "air space disease".... whatever that means.

We're not sure if Aidan might have aspirated a little food and then his allergies just exaserbated the whole thing and brought on the asthma or if he's had the asthma all along and his lungs are just weakened from the accident and having the really bad pneumonia from the start. His doctor did say that food allergies, exema, and asthma usually go hand-in-hand. Aidan has a peanut allergy that we know of, he's always had really dry skin, and now the asthma. Funny thing is, no one in my family has any of these. So, my guess is that someone on Russell's biological side has some if not all of these problems since they can be genetic.

Oh, well. We're going to be in the hospital through the weekend according to all the doctors. We had been hoping to go to Raleigh for my friend's little boy's 2nd birthday party. He and Evan are only 2 months apart and I thought they'd have a good time playing together.

So far that's all that is going on. They've got Aidan on antibiotics and steriods in addition to all of the continuous breathing treatments that have him so shaky he looks like a junky needing a fix.

Please keep up the prayers. He is starting to sound a lot better and his color is good, I'm really hoping they get him off the continuous neb so that he can start being fed again. He hasn't had any food in 2 days.

I'll try to post an update tonight if we find out any more news.



Luke's Mom said...

Thanks for the update, I'm glad to hear that Aidan is doing a little better. Praying that he will get out of the PICU today and hopefully go home sooner than expected. I know how hard hospital stays are on the family. Sorry to hear that you will miss the Birthday party, it seems like "little" things like that can be huge disappointments.

Love in Christ,

Erin said...

Yep, it is disappointing. I haven't seen my friend since Evan's birthday in June and I was hoping to do something "normal" as a family this weekend.

Thanks for the prayers. I'm actually glad that they are keeping him in the PICU, not because he is that bad, but because they think he needs the more one on one nursing care. I have a lot of friends that work on the Peds floor and in the hospital in general and I know they'd all take great care of him, it's just the nurse to patient ratio that makes it hard to be on the regular floor. That's the only reason the decision was made to put him in PICU at least from what I was told.