Friday, April 17, 2009

4-17-2009 Update

The natives have been growing restless ;), so I thought I would post an update for today.

Aidan was moved out of the PICU this afternoon and into a room on the regular Pediatrics floor. They have reduced his oxygen and nebulizer treatments, and he is starting to sound a lot better. We aren't sure as to an exact time frame yet, but our hope is that he will be home before Monday. I hope to know something tonight or tomorrow morning. Getting discaharged by Monday is important, because we have an appointment to make and we are determined to make it, come Hell or high water.

Let me explain ...

As mentioned previously, we found out Aidan has a subdural hematoma. Dr. C decided that we need to see a hematologist (blood specialist) to make sure he doesn't have any disorders. We set an appointment for the first week of May, then I called them back and changed it that day to this coming Monday so I could be there for it. We even got the paperwork a few days later to fill out so we wouldn't be waiting as long to see the doctor.

I called them today to see about possibly changing it, and discovered the appointment for May was still on the books! I asked about the Monday appointment, and they said 1) a mistake was made which caused us to lose the AM appointment and (even worse) 2) The best appointment they had for us the same day was that afternoon! That doesn't work when we have to bring Evan along; I feel bad when Erin has to try to handle both kiddos at the same time.

Erin and I have come to the conclusion that, regardless of what they have told us, we will show up there early in the AM with paperwork in hand. We will show up there and sit and wait and tell them that we are there for our 9:30 appointment. Unfortunately, I will have to leave to go to work a little later that morning, so hopefully they will see Aidan before I have to leave. As a precautionary measure, I've already called Dr. F (the neurologist on call this weekend) and let her know that we need a new referral.

So, Charlotte Hematology and Oncology, I hope you're ready for us, because we're comin' like a bat outta hell!

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