Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in the PICU

Aidan has been sounding worse and worse lately. We went to the ER on Saturday after Aidan had a full-blown fit and his eyes were rolled back for a good part of the morning. They looked him over, then gave him some antibiotics and breathing treatments. They seemed to help, but only for a little while.

Yesterday, Erin called Aidan's primary doc and get an appointment for today. Meanwhile, I went to work. Erin called me this afternoon and said we were headed to the hospital yet again. We were on the pediatric floor for less than an hour when we were told we were back to the PICU. Aidan is simply having a very difficult time breathing. The docs and therapists think he may have asthma rather than pneumonia; the X-rays don't really show the tell-tale signs of it, I guess.

I have no idea how long we'll be here. The PICU staff seem to think it will be a short-lived stay. I hope so. Pray he'll get better soon so we can go home.

At least this is happening during his Spring Break ...

-- Russell

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Luke's Mom said...

I'm praying right now for a quick recovery. I absolutely hate going to the PICU, it brings back so many horrible memories. I will be praying for you both also to have the strength to be in there once again.

Love in Christ,