Saturday, April 4, 2009

feedback about another raffle idea

Hi, everyone! We've had quite a few raffle entries for the custom afghan. You all have until the end of the month to enter if you'd like.

I'm playing around with a couple of ideas and thought I'd throw them out here to see if I can get some feedback. One of them would really only be useful to those fairly local or within an hour or two. A friend of ours told us about a silent auction for a customized cake and invitation package. That particular item raised a few thousand dollars, but it was also a silent auction. Basically, if I was to do something like that, I would make a cake for whatever occasion (birthday, shower, possibly wedding) and also make custom invitations/ announcements to match the theme. I do have experience in both areas, and it's something that I enjoy doing. I would be willing to deliver the cake within a reasonable distance.

The other idea was along the same lines, but it would be for personalized cookie favors or cookie bouquet (these can be shipped if necessary) and the invitation or announcements.

I'd greatly appreciate some feedback. We're coming up with other ideas, obviously not with me doing all the work, but some of the ideas are for a TV, maybe a camera, things like that. If you have any ideas we'd love to hear them.

We appreciate all of the support. By the way, Aidan's MRI was on Thursday. We haven't heard anything back from the doctor, but I'm hoping we hear from him soon. We're taking the boys today to have Easter pictures made with some live bunnies and chicks. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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Leslie said...

What if a local boutique/shop or local artist would donate something??? (Here in Leesburg, VA, the historic part of town has a bunch of little spa boutiques, dog specialty shops, little home decor boutiques, etc). That way all of the profit could go to Aidan's fund, the prize would be inticing, and would not require any labor on your part (except of course contacting local shops to see if they do donations for raffles). Maybe you could do a sweep in one weekend of the area, going around and asking shops if they would like to make a one-time donation for a raffle, and if you can get maybe 5 or so to agree to a gift certificate, a basket, a painting, then you have 5 months worth of raffle prizes where you don't have to do a thing.