Saturday, April 4, 2009

some pictures from today

These are a couple pictures that Russell was able to get with his phone. They didn't turn out the greatest, but I thought they were cute. I completely forgot to grab my camera as we were heading out the door. Evan loved the bunny, but the bunny loved Aidan. The bunny's name was Hamilton, and he laid right down beside of Aidan and didn't move. In one of the pictures he's giving Aidan a kiss.

Before I had Aidan, I had 3 rabbits. This one was the size of the very first one I had, Cole. It almost makes me want another rabbit, but I'm not quite that sadistic. :)

Hope you enjoy the photos.


Unknown said...

What adorable pictures! They make me want to have a bunny again, too.

Luke's Mom said...

Sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing them.