Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aidan missed the PICU staff so much.....

that we're back in here again! Today is a month since we were admitted to the hospital for the asthma and pneumonia. Now we are here because Aidan spiked a fever last night after his nurse left. She gave him a dose of tylenol before she left, but I checked his temp before I went to bed and he had gone from 99.9 to 102.1. I gave him a little more tylenol and a Vest treatment to help with some of the congestion he's had, and he fell asleep.

He slept all night, but this morning at 6, he was burning up again. His temp was 102.5 when I called his doctor. I took him in around 8am. His temp was down, but his breathing was terrible. She immediately said that she was sending us to the hospital. Not what I wanted to hear at all. But I can't figure out what is wrong. We've been giving him his breathing treatments plus extras for the congestion, and we've been using the Vest at least 2X a day sometimes 3 or 4 times depending on how junky he sounds.

When I got him to the hospital they drew some blood to run some tests and everything came back negative; strep, flu, mrsa. He had a chest x-ray and everything looked fine, but his white blood cell count is really high at 55,000.

Right now, I'm waiting for the doctor on call from our family practice to figure out what to do about the apparent infection that Aidan has. If it is something that we can give him in his g-tube, then I'd much rather be at home since we can put him on oxygen if he needs it and we can monitor his vitals like they're doing here. I don't like to be in the hospital any more than necessary.

Oh, well.... When I find out what is going on, I'll post more.


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