Friday, May 1, 2009

April Raffle Winner + Carolina Speed Reminder

Congratulations to Shannon Huneycutt! She is the winner of the custom-made afghan! She will be receiving an email shortly.

As Erin stated, we hope you all will register for the 50/50 raffle. I realize these usually run for only a day or a week, but I thought it was only fair since last month's raffle ran for the whole month.

Another reminder to those of you in Charlotte and the surrounding area ...

Aidan and I will be at Bojangle's Coliseum tomorrow evening for the Carolina Speed game. Last year, we did a fundraiser there at one of the games; we are doing it again this year as a raffle for that day only. The winner will receive a 5-pack of tickets to the NASCAR All-Star Race!

I'm not 100% certain where the table will be setup, but we'll spend the second half of the game seated in the handicapped seating area in Section 108. During the first half and halftime, Aidan will be at the table; I'll be with Aidan during the 1st quarter, while my brother-in-law and Aidan's nurse will be there during the second quarter. We'll all be there during halftime. Please take the time to come by and say "Hi!".

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