Friday, May 8, 2009

new update

Wednesday was our follow-up appointment with the hematologist. We saw them in Concord this time instead of having to drive to Charlotte which was nice. The blood work that they did last time came back normal. There was one test that they wanted to run but weren't able to because the platelets clotted. So ended up drawing more blood to test for some other things and to redo the test on the platelets.

They are testing for something called Factor 13 and something else. I can't remember it all. Then we went down to radiology for him to have x-rays taken of his entire body. The reasoning behind this is that they want to be thorough and make sure that he doesn't having anything like bone cysts or anything that might cause bleeding. We we go back in 2 weeks for the results. The doctor also said that there was no reason that couldn't do the hyperbaric treatments. I think we're supposed to start next month.

Yesterday, Aidan had a really good day. When we got home from school he kept smiling. He responded to me kissing his cheeks and tickling him. It was so nice to see him smiling so much. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures, I just wanted to enjoy being able to play with him in whatever way we could.

Well, I hope that all the mothers out there have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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Cindy said...

Hi Erin!
I am so glad you got to play with Aidan and see him smile so much! I don't blame you for not running off for the camera. Somethings should just be between you and him!